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Job Applications FAQs

You’ll find answer to all of your confusions related to job circulars here. From searching for eligible job circulars for you to finding important updates; straight to your device notification. We’re here to help you! 

In the app, you’ll find a section where you need to put your information. By filtering those information, we’ll then filter out those and show you opportunities  available only for you!

Everyone starts from somewhere! If you’re someone who’s struggling with building up your resume, don’t stress over anymore! We’re here to help you succeed, faster!  

Sure thing! It’s our responsibility to help you to find the best suitable job for you and understand every part of it, before you apply! 

In the app, you’ll find section to filter out the job circulars that you actually need! In case if you have trouble understanding any of it, we’re just a couple clicks away! 

There are hundreds of job circulars available just for college/university students. Please get the app now to browse part time jobs that are available exactly for you! 

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University Applications FAQs

Here you'll find resources, materials and step by step guide on
how to make the most out of your application process journey!

0. I’m a university admission candidate, how can you assist me?

We’re a team that works day and night so you can have a complete hassle free experience.
Here you’ll find available job/university circulars, step by step guides & application process.

3. How long will it take to deliver my documents / admit card?

We’re devoted to helping you succeed in your field; which leads us to distribute FREE resources, guidelines and consultations. To process your application, we take a minimal service fee. You’ll find more details on the mobile app.

1. How can I know which universities I am eligible to apply?

From university to job boards, we understand how uncertain the situation can get. We’ve been there and don’t want you to face the same. We can help you with University Admissions, Public Service Jobs, Post Graduations, Private Company Jobs, Medical Applications and Aviation/Air Crews.

4. My photo / signature is not supported for upload, will that be a problem?

Abedok holds the responsibility to retrieve your document / information / data with complete confidentiality. Violating our users data is strictly prohibited in our privacy policy.

2. What are the documents required for you to get started?

To submit a request for processing your application, go to Playstore/Appstore and download the Abedok app. It’ll show you a step by step process by matching your eligibility. 

5. I want to apply to multiple universities, can you assist me with that?

It’s very unlikely to occur such unexpected events as our team works in a professional manner. Even after that, if something comes up; Abedok authority will put best effort to resolve the following issue. 

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